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How do you describe Activated Capital using less than ten words?

Vertically-aligned investment firm focused on financial and social returns.

Aren’t Opportunity Zones yet just another tax break for the wealthy?

The tax incentives are available to everyone who has capital gains. Investors should take notice to where they are aligning their investment dollars. Activated Capital has made a commitment to opportunity zone transparency with our own OZ Scoretm. Also our latest social post here.

Account Opening

Can international investors invest?

Absolutely! Unaccredited or accredited, over the age of 18 can currently invest.

Is my personal information secure?

Activated Capital uses bank-level security for our investors protection. Investor information is encrypted with an AES bit symmetric key, the same as level as the largest commercial banks. Each investor’s connection to Activated is always encrypted over HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Activated applications and data are physically located in multiple secure data centers. We utilize Amazon Web Services for our hosting which is compliant with numerous security certifications.

Investment Offerings

What am I investing in?

The Activated Capital Opportunity Zone Fund II, is qualified Opportunity Zone Fund that invests in diversified residential and commercial real estate by asset class and geography.

When can I expect a return on my investment and how will it be distributed?

Activated investments are intended to generate early and stable cash flows to our investors while being a be long-term and illiquid in nature investment vehicle. Investment returns are expected to be paid out in two ways

  1. via quarterly distributions and
  2. ia appreciation in asset value at the end of the asset’s investment term.

All distributions will be deposited into your primary bank account on file unless you opt into our Activated Reinvestment Program (ARP).

Activated Capital in Press

Josh Burrell of Activated Capital: “Why you should surround yourself with people who share your same values so you won’t have to argue about priorities down the road.”

Surround yourself with people who share your same values and you won’t have to argue about priorities down the road. This is key when you’re leading a group of people, but it doesn’t mean surround yourself with people who just agree with you. This means hiring the type of people who have the character and moral fabric you want, so you won’t waste time rationalizing your priorities to someone who will never be on the same page.

As part of my series about “companies and organizations making an important social impact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Burrell. Josh is a Managing Partner at Activated Capital. Prior to Activated Capital, Mr. Burrell most recently held the position of Director of Investments for Midas Capital, a private-equity real estate firm with a primary focus in hospitality assets located in the midwest and southeast regions of the United States. Prior to his involvement with Midas, Mr. Burrell worked at Lazard Asset Management, a global investment banking firm in New York City with $216 billion in assets under management, where he worked in the Capital Advisory Group and directed investment assets preserving relationships with families, family offices, and endowments and foundations clients. Between 2011 and 2016, Mr. Burrell worked as a Senior Analyst at Colonial Consulting where he evaluated and underwrote investment transactions and focused his time designated to socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities, formulating investment decisions and tactical asset allocation strategies for endowment and foundations. Beginning his career at Moody’s Investor Services, Mr. Burrell honed his analytical ability to pinpoint undervalued assets and went on to work in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore offices. With roots as an influencer to local communities, Mr. Burrell has become a long-standing, integral board member for many charitable organizations including the New York Cares Foundation which promotes financial literacy, and he serves as a board member and ski instructor with the Gateway Disabled Ski Program. Mr. Burrell has been featured expert speaker on real estate trends and is a member of the New York Private Equity Real Estate Network (NYPEN), New York Society of Security Analysts and as a member of the CFA Institute and John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association. read more

Investors look to capitalize on Coatesville's revitalization

COATESVILLE—As investment and development opportunities in the City of Coatesville heat up, the third of three Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) briefings provided a comprehensive update of activity, land assets, and guidance to those interested capitalizing on QOZ incentives.

More than 80 investors, developers, mortgage brokers, bankers and residents who have interest in investing and helping to revitalize Coatesville attended the invitation-only symposium, which recapped the first two symposiums and laid the foundation for matchmaking opportunities.

“We have now reached an important tipping point toward real development action and matchmaking with investors and entrepreneurs,” says James Logan, City of Coatesville, Assistant City Manager. “The Opportunity Zone initiative has re-energized interest from developers who have considered Coatesville previously and are now coming back with renewed interest. Part of our role is to help navigate this rise in activity and balance out smart economic development with civic-minded awareness”. read more

Activated participated in the round table discussion with Federal officials in Coatesville

More than 30 representatives from federal, state and local government agencies, including White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council Executive Director Scott Turner, visited the city on Tuesday for the first Qualified Opportunity Zone Federal Agency Roundtable in the region.

The roundtable explored best practices and communicated assurances that redevelopment resulting from QOZ projects will benefit the community and foster a collaborative partnership with all stakeholders. Discussions highlighted emerging commercial projects happening in Coatesville’s Opportunity Zone, including streetscape improvements, infrastructure and parking, Amtrak/PennDOT train station, Coatesville Gateway, The Flats, The nth Innovation Center, park improvements and home ownership initiatives. read more

Coatesville Impact Fund Established to Focus on Commercial, Residential Development

The City of Coatesville has announced the Coatesville Impact Fund, developed by Activated Capital of New York. The geographically specific fund was created to focus on commercial and residential development with an intentional emphasis on a dual-impact bottom line: return on capital gains investment, plus positive social impact and community revitalization. read more

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